Ad Infinitum!

I have a frustrating and expensive journey ahead of me…


This weekend I finished the tier 3 collection for Ad Infinitum, I should have done this a lot sooner, but I really couldn’t be bothered with the fractals in the state they were in before the Spring 2016 patch.

Since then ANET have updated the dailies I have been doing them a lot more frequently. Fractals became enjoyable again and seemed worth doing, so I started to get back on track with the achievements.

Whilst I am working my way through the challenges, of which some I am not looking forward to, I will need to be collecting the various bits of wood and metal needed for the gifts to convert/infuse inside the relevant fractals. I will then need to get my fractal level of 84 up to 100 so I can open the required level 100 Mai Trin. (I might consider PUGing for an opener) This I am looking forward too!

There is a list of what needs to be done pasted below. I do like to get my teeth into something and to take on a challenge!

It does look like I will again have to put crafting the gifts for moot on hold, as after I have done all of this I will then need to make the required gifts to allow me to make the legendary backpack as I am far from rich.

On another Note I read on Reddit that the new hot legendaries & backpacks do not count towards the Legendary Collector achievement, It would be nice if ANET changed this as I am currently sitting on 3/5 and the backpiece would tick a further one off the list.

Collection items

Item Acquisition
Aetherblade Pirate Eye Patch.png Aetherblade Pirate Eye Patch Purchased from BUY-2046 PFR in the Mistlock Observatory for

50 Pristine Fractal Relic.png


Aetherblade Airship Steering Wheel.png Aetherblade Airship Steering Wheel Purchased from BUY-4373 in the Mistlock Observatory for

600 Fractal Relic.png

+ 80 Silver coin.

Underground Facility Challenge Mote.png Underground Facility Challenge Mote Activate the challenge mote, and complete the level 53 Underground Facility Fractal with an 80% reduction to healing.
Aetherblade Challenge Mote.png Aetherblade Challenge Mote Activate the challenge mote, and complete the level 54 Aetherblade Fractal with an 80% reduction to healing.
Mai Trin Timed Mote.png Mai Trin Timed Mote Complete the level 100 Captain Mai Trin Boss Fractal in under 25 minutes.
Aetherblade Fractal Field Research Paper.png Aetherblade Fractal Field Research Paper [1] Sold by a vendor in the Captain Mai Trin Boss Fractal for

Fractal Journal.png


Jungle Wurm Omelet (Mossman Style).png Jungle Wurm Omelet (Mossman Style) Obtain a Jungle Wurm Egg by defeating the Greater Nightmare Vine in Twilight Arbor. Bring it to the Mossman’s hut in the Swampland Fractal.
Charged Archdiviner's Mallet.png Charged Archdiviner’s Mallet Take the Archdiviner’s Mallet from his remains at the top of the Cliffside Fractal. Jump into the middle of the exploded Thaumanova Reactor in Metrica Province to charge it.
Explosive Magically Charged Infusion Sample.png Explosive Magically Charged Infusion Sample Charge a +10 Agony Infusion in the Mist Geyser in the Cliffside Fractal.
Aetherblade Diploma.png Aetherblade Diploma Sold by a vendor in the Captain Mai Trin Boss Fractal for

Ball of Dark Energy.png


Gift of Wood.png Lessons in Arbology After defeating Captain Ashym, take a Gift of Wood to the Ascalonian woodcutter, located inside the Urban Battleground Fractal.
Gift of Metal.png Lessons in Metallurgy Take a Gift of Metal to the dredge weaponsmith’s workbench located inside the Molten Furnace Fractal.
Theory of Ad Infinitum.png Theory of Ad Infinitum Unlocks the collection Ad Infinitum.



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