Gliders and Gliding


Since Guild Wars 2 Heart of Thorns release in 26th Oct 2015 the game has seen a total 19 gliders. (Not including the basic glider and two from Legendary Backpacks) Some of these gliders were also wrapped up in expensive 2k gem packages, but most cost between 400 and 500 gems.
My Calculations show that it has been 27 weeks since HoT was released. Based on 19 gliders over 27 weeks it is quite worrying that works out to around a glider a fortnight. (0.70 gliders per week)


I personally own a few as I am a sucker for “shinies”, but I am starting to resent the number being thrown into the gem store all the time. Gliders are most definitely the “new backpack” of GW2.
That aside there are cool aspects of gliding that add to the fun factor and ease of the game. Gliding has helped players do map completion easier, by reaching those annoying vistas a little quicker. We can also jump off a mountain and glide over some of the most picturesque scenery. In the Below video I jumped from Priory Mountain and flew over Lorna’s pass.


Gliding has also been a part of raids, world boss events & the odd achievement. The below Video shows me doing the longest Glide Achievement in Tangled Depths.


In general I have had a great time Gliding, I have purchased a number of glider skins, but two requests. Please give me an option to disable glider. There have been so many occasions where it has popped out unwanted and ANet you need to slow down on the number being released. Less is more!


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