Virtual vs Reality

I often find myself daydreaming at my work desk and wishing to be at home gaming, but is this due to boredom at my job or an unhealthy interest in my virtual world?

When I’m home I game a lot, I get sucked into the virtual world. I probably game a bit too much and live a separate little life in my own gaming world. (my perfect world) A whole day can pass while playing around in Tyria and it doesn’t faze me. A weekend well spent in my eyes is to game in my PJ’s. I have so many things to complete and areas to master and I am slightly envious of the gamers that don’t work and just game all day, these are the gamers that have higher than average AP, more time to make gold and have nice things quicker.

I do try to have a balance, it isn’t easy, I have an addictive personality so if it wasn’t gaming, I’d be engrossed in something else… I might not log on for a day or two each week but I question if this is something I do out of duty to the real world and not choice. It’s in the gaming world I find I achieve things and have both short term & long term goals. I have found that I have achieved a lot more since not being in a guild or helping to run one as I am not stalled by other people’s needs, schedule and speed at which they like to play and I am enjoying the vast land of Tyria a lot more. Overall I am in a much more happier place.

It often makes me question if certain types of people need this environment more than others. Is it a coping mechanism or substitute if your real life sucks a little?

I know personally I have always been a dreamer, I have always found the magical made up worlds fascinating, like: Harry Potter, Avatar, The labyrinth to name a few for example. In my younger days I used to find my ways of escape by using other methods which are harmful. So is my gaming habit as bad in that perspective? I think not.

Non-gaming folk don’t understand what the attraction is, but I guess it’s no different to being sucked into a fantastic new series, film or latest new craze to hit the streets.



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