Dungeons & Fractals – Post patch (19.04.16)


So, the big patch hit GW2 this week and it was really refreshing to see some changes that made a difference to 5 man content.



They have been abandoned for some time now, and although there isn’t a dedicated team for maintaining, upgrading and improving them, ArenaNet have made some changes to bring a bit of life back into them!

You now get double tokens for your end chest you get when you complete each path, the tokens have increased from 40 to 80. this allows you to get exotic armour and weapons quicker. these can be used to equip alts, or salvage for inscriptions to sell or even put the weapons in the mystic forge for a chance of a precursor drop. There is also a repeatable achievement called “Dungeon frequenter” that rewards you with 5 gold for each 8 unique paths you do. Considering a lot of paths can take between 5 and 20 mins for an experienced group, its a nice added bonus.

I personally think that it going to take little while for the new dungeon community to catch up with the tactics and methods used to complete the dungeons, but once that has taken place it will be quite a pleasure to stroll up to a dungeon pick up a group and do a few now and then.

I did the Aetherblade path again today, as I previously used to take people through it to get them their set of achievement for the Clockheart Mini. The patch notes stated that the rare dream weapon skins drop rate was increased. I think this may have been done a little drastically. These weapons used to be a really rare drop. They used to sell on the trading post for anything between 200 gold and 1000 gold, as of today due to every party member receiving a drop each run, the weapons are now being sold between 6 gold and 17 gold!


What ArenaNet have done with the fractals is by far the best change they have made this year. There is no longer 3 dailies out of each tier. This lead to people just farming 3 swamps or molten boss duo to get them done quickly.

You now have dailies in tiers 1, 2, 3, 4 and the fractal island changes each day to encourage people to pick fractals that may be a bit more challenging or take a little bit longer, but its adds great variety. Not only are fractals more fun to do, but if you do a tier 3, for example, once completed your are grandfathered into completing the lower tiers and you get the rewards for them. So you only need to do 3 daily fractals per day, plus the recommended daily fractals as a bonus. The mistlocks are still a bit frowned upon and some can be quite challenging if you do not have the right group set-up, but I am going to enjoy doing fractals again.

The rewards seem to be a little better, ascended boxes drop more often and liquid gold seems to have increased. I seem to have gathered fractal relics a little quicker too.

I yet have to dabble into the new WvW rewards tracks and farm Hot Events to gauge the new currency and reward increases, but I have heard people are happy with there changes in those areas too. There is now ample actives for people to do.

Good job ANet!!


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