Vale Guardian Victories


I’ve only been raiding for around 10 weeks. I wasn’t able to raid in the guild I used to run as the pool of people was small, at different skill levels, still learning the game or didn’t want to raid. So I put an LFG post up on the GW2 forums to find a raid team. My old guild leader contacted me and I ended up raiding each week with them. 🙂

At first it was successful,  we got VG and gors kills each week,  but then we hit a blip. We couldn’t get past VG for what seemed ages. We couldn’t pin point what exactly was going wrong. We all had the DPS,  mechanics and had killed it before.  We simply put it down to the number of mistakes happening adding towards the fail.

Last night was refreshing. We got our raiding MOJO back!! At one stage I thought we were going to one shot VG,  but “stuff” happened.  Did VG within 4 tries then moved onto gors. Unfortunately we ran out of time due to late starts. 😦

Not sure what was different with the team, but don’t give up. If you hit a blip work through it it’s a nice feeling to come out if it and succeed.  🙂

And Mr sloth….  I’m coming to get you!


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