Guild Hall plans


I currently have the lost precipice guild hall which is built to a modest level of 24. A lot of the funding came from personal investment and my two alt accounts as they were holding onto quite a few items in material storage. Some also came from past friends/guildies before the guild disbanded. Some have been refunded for their financial input to the best of my ability.

Lost Precipice is a huge guild hall and I often think it’s too big for just me, myself and I and as I have no interest in building a guild up again or being in any place of power within a guild so I think its best if I go capture Gilded Hollow. I will call upon some friends from the guilds I am alliance in, pay the 100g and go capture it. Gilded Hollow has most things closer by which is handy and its more flat with rooms etc.

So what does this mean decoration wise? Well I would have to remove all current decorations and start again.

I have just recently watched the Wooden Potatoes vid on his “Floating” Super Adventure Box world and I like this idea. I plan to build a little stairway into the sky with an sab ramp leading to some SAB grass platforms., I will then build some SAB walls around the platform to make a small world, place an SAB tree, Rock, Moto Picture, anything really to try and make a little place to go too and escape into 8 bit heaven.

It will obviously be very small compared to Wooden Potatoes guild hall as I have only managed to collect a little over 500 coins and plan to get some last minute ones tonight as well, there is also only me working on this, compared to a guild that’s capped. 🙂 

This then leaves me the option to use my stock of snow and lanterns to build little corners around the map dedicated to those festivals and future festivals when released, But I need to level scribe first. I have been holding off due to the cost, but with upcoming patch due on 19.04.16 the costs should see a dramatic decrease, I am hoping that this decrease will also have an impact on upgrading  areas in the guild hall as the  treasury and scribe share a lot of the same materials.

This will then allow me to upgrade a lot of the areas to level 2 as at the moment only the market place is level 2


Here is the wooden Potatoes video for reference:


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