Is selling SAB Tribulation Mode Okay?

I have mixed feelings about selling SAB tribulation modes. It is most definitely an exploit, it has just been allowed to be abused by an ArenaNet Dev so not seen as one, but does it make it Okay?

I wasn’t playing GW2 the first year it came out for April fools but I was playing when it was rereleased in Sept 2013 as “SAB Back to School” unfortunately I was still learning the game and didn’t really have a go at it.

A week and a bit has passed since it was released again this year and I have finished my achievements for World 1 & 2. I found world 2 Bauble hunts somewhat challenging, but when I did them I was chuffed to bits and I wear my Storm Wizard backpack and title with pride.

I then started to make a dent on the tribulation achievements for World 1, my intentions were to run each zone once and then try and follow the speed run videos and farm as many King Toad weapons as I could to get one of those Aura’s.

So the first time me and a few others from one of the guilds I am an alliance in did all three zones, Some took us ages and some we seemed to find a little easier. There was a lot of swearing, threatening to uninstall, but we actually had a blast, we had a great time working through the zones and making our first King Toad Weapon!

This weekend we loaded up the speed run videos and attempted to follow them. We managed to make our runs A LOT quicker than our first attempt and we could see that we could quite possibly farm all world 1 skins before SAB is removed. My partner in crime was running them a lot faster than I was, he was very close to the speed run times where I was longer. This meant he finished the zones before I did so he offered me spots to the end to get the tokens for W1 Z1. This was the same for W1 Z3 and haven’t yet done W1 Z2, but I find this a lot easier as the shortcut worm takes you to the end. Next year I will be working for storm wizard skins as I have no intentions of buying runs.

So this is where I sit on the matter. I in a way I think the prestige value of the green SAB weapons have been somewhat nerfed as any player can get them by buying the tokens from runs on LFG system, but although I agree selling the paths should not have been allowed I have actually benefited from is, as even though I have actually completed the zones in Tribulation mode and each time I did them I did them quicker, but not as quick as speed run times.

In a way I feel slightly better about my tokens as I know I have done the zones in tribulation modes myself, I just sped up the farm as I hopped into a buddies instance if they had finished the zone before me, but I still in my eyes abused an exploit for my own personal gain, but at the same time the people that sell it are not in the wrong either. ANet has given the go ahead to allow it to happen and if you need cash you need cash… Either way I or anyone else cannot prove if any green weapon currently in game was farmed or bought.

Below are a few quotes and link to forum post.

Quote 1

I disagree, as there is a fundamental difference. For raids and dungeons, they are designed to be played with others, and as such there are expectations that some players with lesser performance can be compensated for.

For SAB Tribulation, there is no such compensation; and as such, this greatly cheapens the skins, and in addition, Moto’s infusions.

As aforementioned, SAB is now reoccurring – so the skins will continue to be available for those who wish to pursue it. So in my opinion, the bug should be fixed ASAP in order to preserve the value of the skins.

Quote 2

It’s amazing how lax the policy on exploits is when its not one that impacts the economy, and thus gem2gold sales.

Quote 3

Tribulation mode is earned huh? How many of you did it with a guide? I see no problem with this at all.

Quote 4

Disappointing to have all my effort trivialized but oh well. There’s a lot of things in life to be disappointed by I guess. Maybe it coulda been prevented if they focused more on SAB from the beginning instead of weird things like raids~ unless they’re planning a SAB raid wing. Probably easier to find 10 players for that than the actual raids.


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