Player made game – Tribute to Scarlet LS S1

Battle on the Breachmaker minigame!

Reddit user Evangeder recent posted that he got the go ahead from ANET to produce and share this game. This user had a lot of support from his friends, Girlfriend and GW2 dataminer That_Shaman  and others.
For those that want to see it the progress videos are below.

The game itself has Similar mechanics to original Guild Wars 2 and you can Double tap W/A/S/D keys to dodge

Controls are:

  • Left mouse button to attack with fireball
  • Right mouse button to attack with Lava Font AoE
  • E button teleports you to mouse cursor
  • Q button heals you for +1

There are three playable modes: Tribulation, Normal & Infantile a bit like Guild Wars 2 S.A.B release!

Disclaimer: Unity Web Player does not work on Google Chrome and some versions of Firefox. It is recommended to run it on Internet Explorer, It is also recommend lowering down your speakers before launching, and then adjusting them to loudness. 

I personally haven’t yet had a chance to play this as I have been too busy with grinding through S.A.B achievements and collections, but after the 19th I will definitely try this out as I am a huge Scarlet fan!!!

Download Links:

Version Download / play Virus scan
Windows 32bit Download Zip Click
Windows 64bit Download Zip Click
Mac OS X 32bit Download Zip Click
Mac OS X 64bit Download Zip Click
Linux 32bit Download Zip Click
Linux 64bit Download Zip Click
Online Web Play here ( Note: Lower graphics quality!

Reddit link for more information –


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