Ecto Gambling Woes


A few weeks back I started to Ecto Gamble with the lovely “Skritt Tarrkun” in Lions Arch. I won a fair sized amount of money and ecto. I even completed the achievement and gained the “Personal Delivery Portal”.

I actually became quite addicted to buying the “Glob of Destabilized Ectoplasm” and often just stood around in the middle of raid breaks or fractals gambling. Although I lost a little here and there I still seemed to win. I invested a lot of winnings into assets. I completed some long term projects like the Nightfury skin for example and treated myself to the Queen Bee 🐝 Aura that I have always had my eye on.

I got cocky, I lost practically all of my liquid gold. I kept losing out to the skritt, I kept clicking more thinking it will be ok il start winning again. I have no self-control.

Even the wiki quotes this – Advanced content, not for beginners (skritt will bankrupt you if you let them)

If you think this could be something you would do then don’t gamble. I have now hidden my personal device on an alt and I am going to try and make up some more liquid gold the normal way, by doing a bit of Silverwastes Farming and maybe some new HoT maps and Orr. I don’t ever want to touch that device again, I have no self-control and I am thankful I invested the spare liquid gold into assets!!


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