SAB is back!

Yes you heard me! Super Adventure Box is back!!!!!!!!

As a yearly festival, SAB will now be a dependable fixture in Tyria, and that makes us very happy. Just check out Rata Sum to see how happy we feel!


Super Adventure Box began with the idea of creating the greatest-ever April Fools’ Day joke within a game. The contrast of an 8-bit looking action/adventure game inside the lush, painterly world of Guild Wars 2 made it hilarious fun. We got a little team together and brainstormed about our favorite old-school gaming memories and what we could pull together into a tiny but epic adventure in order to create a fun April 1 diversion for Guild Wars 2 players. Initially we were going to create four unique worlds to conquer on a quest to defeat the evil Lord Vanquish and rescue princess Miya. We ran out of time, so we simply released World 1, the Forest, comprised of three zones. We hoped that we’d get an opportunity to develop the rest of Super Adventure Box later.

in addition to this is some Gem Store goodies 🙂

  • The Super Adventure Pack is now available and contains the Infinite Continue Coin, 1 Super Adventure Box o’ Fun, and the exclusive Super Bee Dog Mail Carrier, located in the Special category of the Gem Store for 600 gems.
  • The Infinite Continue Coin will now grant 99 lives when used in Super Adventure Box.



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