History Lesson


I received this in the in game mail system today! (25/03/16 18:04)  🙂 (I am sure I have received this before so may be a bug that we have received it again)

(My Name)

We have a saying at the Durman Priory: “Remember the past so you may shape the future.” With that in mind, I’ve been conducting interviews and collecting historical information on Scarlet Briar and her war against Tyria starting in 1326 AE. I’ve prepared a summary of my research for you. It covers the major events of her campaign leading up to the final attack on Lion’s Arch in 1317.

Meet me in Lion’s Arch when you can. I’ll be waiting.


Magister Ela Makkay

Message from ArenaNet

Living World season 1 was a series of live content events that ran from January 2013 to March 2014. It Chronicled Scarlet Briar’s war on Tyria, Culminating in the destruction of old Lion’s Arch and the awakening of a powerful entity. The story was designed to be experienced as it happened. It is currently unavailable to episodic replay like Season 2, so we’ve created a recap to inform you of the events that bridge the gap between the end of the Personal Story (circa 1325AE) and Living World Season 2 (1327AE).

After completing this summary, you should have all the necessary information to jump in and begin playing Living World Season 2 and all the subsequent story content, which is accessible from the Story Journal.


I have recorded it.



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