GW2 Guild Chat Slothasor and Slubbing Raid Boss Preview

For those that are interested:

•Crystal Reid, Game Designer on the raid team
•Franco Galletta, Visual Effects Artist

Raid Boss
•First boss of Salvation Pass. Developed back when Crystal was part of the fractal team. Original design of this boss was this giant grub in this cave. New redesigned boss is a Slothasor who is sleeping in this cave (yes a giant sloth)
•Franco marathoned discovery channel all day to find suitable effects for this boss based on nature.
•He comes with a sloth/grub friend called Slubling. There are four slubbings and they spit stuff like burning/weakness
•When they killed Slubbing, its head came off and acid spit out of the body.

Crystal Reid confirmed on the guild chat livestream that Salvation Pass is being released on 8th March 16

  • Gorseval was originally a wood/oakheart boss, Then they wanted to do a ghost theme and gorseval would be like this fusion of ghosts.
  • They put him on the Wyvern rig originally but Gorseval had no wings. Gorseval’s animation took a while to do as they had to create new custom animation for it (still has some wyvern/oakheart animation)
  • Slothasor has a super dramatic death animation and there is a lore reason behind it.
  • Slubbing has a very jumpy animation:





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