DEkeyz DPS Calculator

DEKeyz decided to share her DPS calculator on Reddit. She also released a video guide on how to use it.

The calculator is saved here:

DEKeyZ wrote:
The calc is designed so that a user can input equipment, traits, and rotations (from a dictionary of almost 800) and the sheet will calculate DPS, healing per second, and survival time – opening theorycrafting to many who have the interest but not the time to develop their own DPS calculator. This comes preloaded with some non-optimized PvE rotations and enables the comparison of up to 5 builds’ DPS graphically. A lot of notes about sampling methods and assumptions are included on the first page of the spreadsheet. For those who do have their own calculators, I hope the data in this sheet are a useful resource.

3 thoughts on “DEkeyz DPS Calculator

  1. Claire Carlos says:

    Awesome file. 🙂 although I do have to report that burn damage doesn’t reflect (both the overview cell and the rotation burn column) when I entered an engi tank hammer/flamethrower build. Not sure which burn damage factor cells contribute to the error, but I checked BG3:BH22 and when I change the S1+R, Flamethrower, Hammer, and Toolbelt BurMod and +BurDur stats to 1 the damage reflects (increases as I change each aforementioned cell from 0 to 1). Sorry, just found the where, but couldn’t dissect the formula itself because it’s way too complex for me to figure out without studying the whole file.


    • Emmalouise says:

      Hey 🙂

      Sorry it’s taken some time to respond. I didn’t get a notification that there was a comment 😦

      I just want to make sure you are aware I am not the creator of this file. I simply kept a copy of it on my blog. DEKeyz is a well known player from an elite guild called Death n Taxes (DnT) This file was released on reddit a while back and some information could be out dated.

      I think I would have linked the reddit post link on the post. It might be worth you contacted her via Reddit as I am sure she can answer your questions. 🙂

      But thank you for taking your time to comment on this.

      Em 🙂


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