GW2 – Upcoming Changes for PvP League Season Two

With PvP League Season Two beginning on February 23, it’s time to sit down and go through all of the changes that you can expect to see in the upcoming season.


Five-person premade groups will never be matched up against a group made up of five solo players.

Pip Distribution and Breakdown Changes

For this next season, we’ll be adding a breakdown at the end of each match that explains how and why players gain or lose pips.

Minor Tier and Division Adjustments

For season two, we’ll also be making some minor adjustments to the sizes of some of the lower tiers and divisions. In particular, we’re planning on making the following changes:

Changing the size of Amber tiers from five to three pips each.

Changing the number of tiers in Amber from three to five.

Changing the size of Emerald tiers from five to four pips each.

Counting Down to Season Two and Beyond

Some minor balance tweaks will be coming for the start of the new season.

All PvP Daily achievements will be able to be completed in either Conquest or Stronghold.

We are officially replacing the PvP League term “points” with the more commonly used “pips.”



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