Raid Lore – Mostly Everything We Know About Spirit Vale

I Love the game lore.  I  cannot take credit for this, but it is an amazing write up! redit link at the bottom

For those who don’t know what Spirit Vale is about, its the first wing of the Forsaken Thicket raid. You and nine others follow the footsteps of a missing Pact Squad. But… things aren’t as they first seem.
The Windstorm

Throughout the course of the raid, there are repeated references to a powerful windstorm from the south that messed everything up. We know that one of these happened when Mordremoth died. Additionally there is the line “magic works differently here” from one of the Pact soldiers when you finally save them. If you haven’t read up on the history of magic in Tyria, I recommend you do that first, because I’m not explaining that as I could write easily ten times as much as I’ve got here. Basically, the more ambient magic in the atmosphere, the more a person can do. This windstorm brought a lot of Ambient magic into the atmosphere, hence what the Pact soldier says.

Vale Guardian

Now, let’s start with the first anomaly, the Vale Guardian. There’s three different things point as to what this thing is. The first is the Thaumnova Anomaly. Both spawned after a massive outflow of magical energy. And we know it is made of magical energy. They are also similar in structure. We also know its made of Ley-energy for a couple reasons. First, is what happens when you view a white (all color) object through a ley line (this is easiest managed with Ley Line gliding). It splits into a red green and blue triple vision thing like this. Second, is the Battle of the Breachmaker. Scarlet split into a Red, Blue, and Green form during the fight (ontop of the Assault Knights being red Green and Blue too). We know she was experimenting with ley energy. So uhh there’s that too. So, the Vale Guardian is made from Ley Energy. The Vale Guardian spawned with a great windstorm from the south “The pylons have been imbued with energy ever since the windstorm. I have my theories. It came from the south and radiated north.” (Bandit Journal entry).

… So what made the pylons?

Vale Guardian Pylons

The Vale Guardian is linked to its pylons. It spawned when the pylons were imbued with energy (hence how the Pact Squad got through in the first place). In other words, the pylons summon some sort of guardian creature whenever a massive amount of magic comes by.

Probably the most interesting thing about the pylons is the fact that we know they were made within the last 220 years. More than likely much more recently. There are three symbols on the ground that your group can use to number each of the three subsections of the arena. One has one dash, one has two dashes, and the third has 3 arranged in a triangle. Oddly enough these are the New Krytan symbols for one two and three. New Krytan has been around for only 220 years. Additionally, the Vale Guardian is known to work with Sabetha (“Sabetha thinks a search party will come for the prisoners. I don’t think they’ll make it past the guardians. No one has.” (Bandit Journal Entry)). I feel it maybe safe to say the bandits made the pylons and device. Sounds a bit far fetched, because bandits couldn’t possibly know that much right? Well, you probably never faced Sabetha.

“You came out all this way for a few soldiers? You really have no idea what this place is do you? Only certain people are brought into the compound. Like the squad leader.” – Sabetha (paraphrased because I already killed Sabetha this week).

Sabetha knows a lot more than she should. (addressed later)

Vale Guardian Symbols

At the center of the Vale Guardian’s arena lies this. This symbol is seen all over Exalted architecture. Two of these are found ontop of waypoints, which are known to run on Ley Energy which is what the Vale Guardian is heavily implied to be made of. So what is the Exalted’s link to this architecture, if any? I’ve left what happens if Exalted are involved under the section “the Ringleader.” Assuming they aren’t, you need someone as powerful and magically knowledgeable as the Exalted to build this.

Goresval the Multifarious

What do we know about this monstrosity? He’s an amalgamation of many lost trapped and confused souls who never passed onto the next world. There’s a graveyard there and he’s made of souls. Let’s start there.

The Graveyard

First off, the graves have a variety of dates. The earliest ones are dated as being from 1079, the end of the Krytan Civil War. The newest are 1328, present day. The most likely people to use this graveyard at this point are the bandits, so they probably put the new graves here. The old ones from 1079 are likely Shining Blade, or White Mantle because one reads “Died for the cause.” Now, where it gets interesting is the nearby grave “…or Is…” I ran a search of all White Mantle who appeared in Guild Wars 1, and the only one that matches that string is “Confessor Isaiah,” leader of the White Mantle after the death of Confessor Dorian at Thunderhead Keep. Confessor Isaiah additionally was killed in battle during the Battle for Lions Arch. That is, the year 1079. So these are White Mantle graves, further backed up by the fact this is human architecture.

Unfortunately, there is a RIVER of these things (souls) near Gorseval. That is a lot more than just a graveyard worth of souls. That is like mass execution level stuff going on. Also most souls go to the Mists after their body dies. Something usually has to bind them there for them not to depart. Additionally, we have this lovely conversation near the Vale Guardian with a Pact Charr.

“When the shelling stops at dusk i can hear yelling behind the wall. saw the sky light up one night and then heard all matter of calamity. It might be our squad.”

“So they are still alive?”

“I hope so. I hear a mix of yelling and chanting.”

Additionally there is a Bandit Journal entry that states:

“It appears to attack anything that moves. If it didn’t our little fort would be a pile of sticks by now. Good thing they don’t know the truth.” (Paraphrased)

The “sky lit up one night.” that’s the windstorm the others talk about. Chanting. Aka magical stuff. And when the windstorm passed, all matter of calamity went through. The bandits were doing some form of ritual, and when the windstorm came through, it made the ritual go wrong and I’m guessing this is where Gorseval came from. The bandits did it hence “they don’t know the truth (of what happened to them).”

The Ringleader (Speculation)

It becomes very apparent that Sabetha is not the ringleader of this operation very quickly. She is the gate keeper to a place known as ‘the compound,’ which is where specific people are taken. So. Who or what is?

Let’s take a look at what we know:

•The bandit group is clearly working with soul magic, which is what created Gorseval.
•White Mantle are known to have ties to bandit operations.
•White Mantle Graveyard
•They knew Mordremoth could be killed and would be. (“The pylons have been imbued with energy ever since the windstorm. I have my theories. It came from the south and radiated north.”)
•They knew how to channel a rather relatively unknown (for most of Tyria anyway) form of energy and knew what it was. Ley energy.

Soul magic would imply this Ringleader is some form of Necromancer (or looking for souls for power for some other reason). They want a metric ton of them for some reason, because there is an entire nation of dead souls in that river. The only thing I know of that has that many souls contained in it… is the Bloodstone of Bloodstone Fen in the Maguuma. Souls of innocent farmers who were brutally murdered atop them by the White Mantle for being what were known as “Chosen” (Those with the ability to ascend and be granted True Sight) by the White Mantle. People who would then have been trapped in there for 250 years before whatever creature decided to pull them ALL out. People who would have been confused when they finally were released (“Who released us?”).

This person would probably be someone so ancient they belong to an original race of Tyria (or Inquest. Inquest would work too). Someone these so called “bandits” would follow. Someone with advanced knowledge of Soul Magic and probably just Magic in general.

There’s two people that fit the bill so far: Livia and Lazarus the Dire (or some random weirdo who we don’t know and hasn’t been mentioned yet is a possibility too- looking at you Scarlet).

Livia is an immortal lich/necromancer who worked along side Gadd, and later Zinn in the Krytan Civil War. Zinn founded Rata Novus, a city that ran on Ley Energy. Everything fits so well. Except… well… Livia was/is a member of the Shining Blade (the group that put Queen Salma into power during the War). So let’s look at our next possible target. Oh, and even in all her knowledge, she probably has very little of knowledge of Ley Energy.

Lazarus the Dire

Lazarus is a member of the Mursaat, an ancient race of extraordinarly powerful spellcasters. When the dragons first rose, they hid themselves from the dragons by distorting the planes of existence they lived in (seen in GW1 and The Ruined City of Arah). The Mursaat were also worshipped as gods by the White Mantle under the name “The Unseen”. He is also a necromancer, and he ‘swore vengence upon countless generations’. Additionally, we do not know how long Mursaat live for naturally, and the answer is potentially forever until killed.

… That sounds about right. Now who could it be if we’ve never met this person before?

Corrupted / Exalted Traitor

Arena Net has already openly mocked us for thinking the Exalted were the Mursaat (“At first I was afraid of coming here because I thought the Exalted were somehow related to the Mursaat, but there is no evidence of this”), so we know that “the Exalted are secretly Mursaat” is just a load of crap. We do know however that some Exalted turn traitor. We don’t know why. Additionally, Exalted do know New Krytan. Tarir is ~150 years old, where as New Krytan is 220 years old. That being said, the bandits would be working for them, as they protect the compound, so… yeah. The thing that points out that our ring leader could be an Exalted is of course, the symbol at the center of the Vale Guardian’s arena. Of course it could just be a glyph for channeling magical energy…

There’s one last thing I want to mention:


Knuckles is one of Sabetha’s lackeys, who she spawns when her health bar reaches 50%. He doesn’t like Sabetha very much, as given by the fact that he does not like being called Knuckles. Very rarely, when he comes into the arena, he will ramble about “Being able to take you it” before Sabetha cuts him off. I’m just going to take one guess as to what “it” is. The Bloodstone. Aka the only thing of much value in the Maguuma.

This is a direct copy from what was posted on Reddit, like always give the guy credit if you enjoyed this write up.



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