NCsofts Earning Report Q4 2015

NCsoft published the long awaited earnings report for 4Q 2015 the sales for GW2 are sobering and did not meet the forecast of KDB Daewoo. Wildstar shows a slight increase of sales. But the transition to F2P is not the coup many expected.

Sales in bln Korean Won
GW2: 37.3
Wildstar: 2.7

Sales figure:

The overall performance of NCsoft in 4Q 15 was quite strong showing increases in sales QoQ and YoY

conference call:

  • Blade & Soul shows a stronger performance in NA/EU than expected. 2 mln players are reached. They expect a meaningful contribution to the 1Q 16 sales.
  • HoT performance is weaker than expected. The conversion from F2P/core game to HoT is weaker than expected. They look for the reason for this.
  • They want to close gaps HoT left in the eyes of the players.
  • In regard to Wildstar they look for ways to improve the efficiency of creating sales.

All credit goes to – Reddit Post

Massively OP write up



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