Meet the New Shatterer!

The Shatterer is one of Guild Wars 2‘s most iconic fights, and for many of our players it was one of the first experiences they had in the game during our early betas in 2010. It demonstrated just how epic dynamic events could be, really proving that the concepts we shared during theGuild Wars 2 reveal could and would be a reality. It even inspired a Catchy Song!







We’ve also added a lot of cool stuff to the game since 2010 that the fight isn’t, or rather wasn’t, taking advantage of. We’ve come a long way in five years, and we wanted to take advantage of all that shiny new tech!


Whats New?

Defiance Bar

Safe Zones and the Branded

Siege Equipment and Gliding


It’s been a blast working on the Shatterer, and we hope you enjoy the new challenge!

Read full blog HERE


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