Fun Facts

Found some facts. Some could be “arguable” I found these really interesting regardless

Grenth was born as a half-god, son of Goddess Dwayna and a human sculptor (presumed to be Malchor). He ascended to full godhood after sealing the previous God of Death, Dhuum.

Male Charrs have a lion-like tail and Female Charrs have a leopard-like tail.

The Risen Giganticus Lupicus in Arah is much smaller than the actual race. The developer had to downscale it for combat visual purposes.

Queen Jennah is a mesmer. And a powerful one, at that.

Rata Sum is an anagram of “Mursaat”, an extinct ancient spellcaster race from the Isles of Janthir. Both races are believed to be interconnected.

The Mesmer’s portal skill sound effect is the Guild Wars theme played backwards. (

Near the farms at the southeastern section of Ebonhawke there are several chickens which may be attacked but cannot die. Each chicken attacked will result in 3 hostile Angry chicken, which have a high armor rating along the lines of a Champion. This is most likely a reference to the Legend of Zelda game.

Lion’s Arch bears great similarities to Singapore in that both have a statue of a lion-like creature as its landmark, both are naval trading post and a city state and serve as a melting pot and Lion’s Arch older architectures are asian-inspired.

Sylvari are omnivorous. They can eat meat as well as plants. Also, they regenerate at the same rate as humans, forming a bark-like tissue on the injured spot instead of scar tissue. Their blood is a sticky golden sap.

Sylvari also have teeth. Think about that. A tree with teeth.

Asura typically live 5% – 10% longer than humans, with 120 years being an exceptional lifespan for an asura.

Physical traits that are considered attractive among Asura are: wide foreheads (probably alludes to brain size) and large ears.

Golem is an abbreviation for Genius Operated Living Enchanted Manifestation.

Asura male names end with a consonant, whereas the female names end with a vowel.

The schools of magic were born from four pieces of the blood stone cast to a volcano in the Ring of Fire; each representing Preservation (Guardian-related magic), Destruction (Elementalist-related magic), Aggression (Necromancer-related magic) and Denial (Mesmer and Thief-related magic).

One animal sign is missing from the Zodiac weapon set: the Ox. Instead the Zodiac Shield depicts a crescent moon, which is not a part of the Chinese Zodiac signs. The Zodiac weapon set is based on a set of weapons from the first game.

Guild Wars 2 uses the Mouvelian calendar system (much similar to the gregorian Calendar), which begins at the time of the Exodus of the Gods. AE is short for After the Exodus. There are 4 seasons (Zephyr, Phoenix, Scion and Colossus) and 365 days in a Mouvelian year. Guild Wars 2 is set at 1327 AE.

Tyria is both the name of a continent and the planet. The planet is believed to be over 11,000 years old. The globe which depicts the planet can be seen in the Order of Whisper’s Headquarter.

The Order of Whispers is the oldest order among the three multiracial Orders of Tyria: Vigil, Whispers and Durmand Priory, the second being Durmand Priory and the newest being Vigil.

There’s a secret turkey room in AC Explorable path. There’s also a mysterious torch under the stairs that trigger a hidden ghost event.

The “running-while-being-chased-by-large-boulder” part in the grawl fractal is a reference to the Indiana Jones franchise. There’s a pile of bones with his famous fedora hat nearby.

Ranger pets can see and attack an enemy even while they’re invisible if the enemy attacks its master, provided that it’s set on aggressive behavior.

Miyani, the Mystic Forge merchant, is a member of Order of the Sunspears, the order led by Kormir, a human who eventually ascended to godhood. She brought the djinn Zommoros, who resides in the Mystic Forge, with her when she fled from Elona.

If 3 or more rangers use Call of the Wild a Lunar Wolf is summoned.

The maximum amount of character slots on one account are 64

Trahearne is the Kormir of gw2.

There is a secret kitty room in the WvW jumping puzzle!

There is a creepy cat stalking players through a hole in CM’s ceiling. (

Sylvari tend not to use second names as they consider themselves to be from the one family.

Dozer is a tiny spider following you in CoF. A lot of people never see him. (

There’s a graveyard just north of Ascalon Settlement in Gendarran Fields with a gravedigger and large tombstone. At night you can light candles and the ghost of Captain Greywind appears and has a conversation with another ghost, lots of lore tidbits, I was quite blown away when I discovered it by accident.


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