Meet The Druid

Speak Softly

Carrying their staff into battle, the druid bears the duty of sustaining their allies through overwhelming danger. To achieve this aim, each staff skill can be beneficially used to bolster the druid’s allies.


Closer to the Stars

The druid elite specialization grants a ranger the capacity to draw astral force to themselves. Once it’s fully charged, they can release that force and become a celestial avatar. While in this empowered form, the avatar gains access to a new set of weapon skills while retaining access to their heal skill, utilities, and elite skill. Avatar skills are on very short cooldowns and transform the ranger into a healing powerhouse, pushing the upper bounds of sustainability and recovery; in celestial avatar form, a druid becomes capable of bringing a party on the brink of death back to pristine condition.

Dinosaurs, Tigers, and Wyverns, Oh My!

Upon entering the lush Maguuma jungle, you’ll encounter many new creatures. Some are fierce, some are friendly, a few are both…and among them are new potential pets for all rangers! If you find them, these are a few possible allies you may befriend:


If you missed the live stream the Druid vid is below for you.



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