Designing Raids in HoT

Q & A Notes

They are north of Verdant Brink, NE corner, east of Itzel village, kind of corner of Silverwastes
Enter similar to how you enter a dungeon but you get into a squad first. You get a popup like dungeons and it will ask you which wing of the raid you want to enter.

  • Attunements are hard gates that prevent you access to the raids. There is nothing to prevent you from getting to the raid. If we didn’t have leaderless squads it would have been attunement but you don’t need a commander tag.
  • PUGing – if you are really really good PUG group. Maybe? Maybe for the first 1-2 bosses. We want these to be a true challenge.
  • Crystal Reid: You are being really generous. The first boss is really hard YO!
  • Raid Progress
  • First person that enter the instance will set the raid instance. Their progress will determine the raid group’s progress.
  • You can only get the loot once from a boss per week.
  • Raid Loots
  • Personal loot like rest of GW2.
  • You will not 2 blues and a green. You will get stuff like Ascended Rewards. All the bosses have new loot tables and the % to get them is way higher because of the weekly lockout (like 10% chance).
  • Ascended Gear, Tomes of Experience (huge chunk of XP towards masteries), exclusive skins (exclusive to raids).
  • Bosses will drop precursors for the legendary armor. The cost it takes to get a full legendary weapon is similar to the cost for a set of legendary armor.
  • Wings are released one at a time. 1st wing released sometime after HoT ship (before Holidays). The first wing will give you some background story that is continued in wing 2 and wing 3 etc
  • Second wing will have a huge awesome mega reveal and will be released in early 2016.
  • Once all the wings are released, you can raid in any wing you want by picking them at the entrance popup.
  • ANET are looking to release 6 wings per year maybe. A full raid is probably like 3 wings but we can do raids with just 1 wing if we have a specific story to tell.
  • Waypoints and revival orbs
  • Checkpoint system like fractals.…id_in_hot/


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