Guild Wars 1 Lore

Guild Wars – Lore

You can download the Guild Wars manuscripts from the website. Prophecies have two books and it explains what happened prior to the release of the game and how it all started. The other manuscripts are an overview of the characters and basic story.

I definitely recommend reading the prophecies manuscript. I have saved copies to my google drive, here:

But if you don’t like reading you can watch other peoples overview of the lore on the below videos.

LORE – Guild Wars Lore in a Minute! (humour)

Prophecies lore

Factions Lore

Nightfall Lore

Eye of the North Lore

There is also a nice website containing some Guild Wars lore – Guild Wars lore

Tyria, not to be confused with the continent of the same name, is the name of the planet on which most of the Guild Wars series takes place. It is the home of many sentient species, such as the humans, Asura, Dwarves, and Norn, among others. The timeline places its age over 11,000 years old, when the Giganticus Lupicus last roamed the world, however, the earliest known human life did not appear until 786 BE. There are three known continents (Tyria, Cantha & Elona) and an unknown amount of unexplored ones. Beneath Tyria runs a subterranean network of tunnels, linked by the Asura Gates.


Tyria map

Other maps[/size]


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