Guild Wars 1 – Fun Facts

  1. You can be level one at Ring of Fire.
  2. Insignias can only be attached to Elonian armor/weapons.
  3. Ghost-in-the-boxes and Snowman summoners can have a purpose—when they disappear after being activated, they trigger Necromancers’ Soul Reaping primary attribute. If correctly timed, your Necromancer can get an energy boost when you need it for some reason. These “deaths” also count towards “I Will Avenge You!”, making solo IWAY a possibility, although an expensive one.
  4. Although most alcohols last 1 minute, some last 3 or even 5 minutes in length. There is a drunken time cap of 5 minutes, meaning that if you drink 6 minutes worth of alcohol at once, it alone will only last 5 minutes.
  5. Nonmax (and usually low damage) Axes and Scythes occasionally break free of the max 6-28/9-41 standard… Some axes have a minimum damage of 7, while some Scythes can start at 10. 2 examples are my Sephis Axe 7-18 req 4 Precious, and the quest reward Banana Scythe, 10-10 damage.
  6. Icy Dragon Swords are always max damage, blue, 15^50… they come from one place: Ice Imps in Mineral Springs. They are also probably the only time someone would find a blue with perfect mods, since perfect mod blue drops are very rare.
  7. The size of your radar is about .1% of Cantha, .07% of Tyria.
  8. For Nigthfall Collector’s Edition, doing /dancenew followed by /dance or another looping emote will do the regular emote, but with the /dancenew collector’s edition special effects.
    With projectiles, all effects, including weapon effects, are considered when the projectile reaches the target.
  9. Xunlai Agent is the only NPC that you can talk to, move away, and still be working with.
  10. An attack has the following percent chances to hit the corresponding part of your armor (if there is no armor, AL turns to 0 for that part) – 12.5% head, 37.5% chest, 12.5% hands, 25% legs, 12.5% feet
  11. Damage reduction or armor from runes, weapons, shields, offhands, and skills are global meaning they come into effect no matter where you are hit.
    Your level is calculated in damage calculation. This is to say, a level 19 and a level 20 could be in the same exact situation, with everything the same, and, chances are, the level 20 will do more dmg, unless the level 20 was unlucky and the lvl 19 was lucky.
  12. Unidentified armors are often worth more than the rune itself…If you get an unidentified armor, ID it, check the trader price for buying that armor, compare it to the ID’d armor price, see if it is worth salvaging.
  13. Skills activate before skills that trigger when something happens. Example: Orison of healing will heal you before Backfire deals it’s damage for casting a spell.
    White items can be Identified. This not only shows their value, but also increases it. Only effectively useful on near-max items.
  14. If you hold CTRL while doing certain actions or clicking on certain things, you will announce them in Team chat. Examples: Health, energy, death penalty, morale boost, hexes, conditions, enchantments, stances, nature rituals, etc etc., your skills in an outpost, your weapons, moving to a corpse, talking to npcs, using a skill, someone or something else using a skill, picking up items.
  15. Targeting someone, holding ctrl, and pressing enter sends a whisper to them.
  16. You can whisper yourself. You can also add some in-game characters to your friends list, although you cannot whisper them.
  17. Some skills that do 0 damage (like distracting blow) still apply for critical hits. However, 0 times 2 = 0 so nothing happens.
  18. The green items dropped by Grognard Gravelhead all misspell his name. They all say Grognar’s, but the boss is GrognarD
  19. Also, ironically, Grognar’s BLADE has the skin of a LongSWORD, while Grognar’s SWORD has the skin of a Tribal BLADE.
  20. Holding shift to drag and drop an item opens up the ability to split the stack of that item into 2 or more seperate piles.

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