Sylvari Lore

Appearance and Physiology

The look of a sylvari is that of a plant-like humanoid. Sylvari are grown from a tree, and while their form mimics that of a human, upon closer inspection is it clear that it is only mimicry. They all grow in a way that takes the shape of facial features or limbs, but they retain a distinctly foreign quality.

Sylvari are slightly smaller and can appear more delicate than your average human. The race has much visual variation, which each sylvari growing a little differently. The plant material that makes up their “skin” or “hair” can be a wide variety of leaves, vines, or bark, and it can come in nearly any color found in nature, from vibrant reds and oranges to dark greens and browns.

Golden sap runs through a sylvari’s veins instead of blood, and it will shake gently off of their bodies as they walk. They can regenerate their own wounds over time, healing at around the same rate as a human, but bark or tendrils will cover the site of the wound instead of a scar.

A sylvari can grow their own clothes and undergarments from their bodies, and generally will do so out of respect for the other races despite lacking much of a sense of modesty themselves. They can, however, wear conventional clothes or armor made from cloth, leather, or metal.

The Dream

Much about a sylvari’s future is determined before they are even brought forth into the world. All sylvari are born from the Pale Tree in the Grove, and before they awaken from their pod, they spend an indeterminate amount of time in a state called the Dream of Dreams.

The Dream is the Pale Tree’s method of imparting knowledge to its children, and it is created from the memories of people that have come before. They are taught the basics of life, given language and skills, and taught to fight. Each sylvari’s dream is a little different, and can often have a metaphorical meaning beyond the obvious that will need to be interpreted after emerging from the Tree. Whatever your sylvari sees in the Dream is often something that they will later seek out as a purpose or goal in their lives.

Not all experiences in the Dream are good ones. There are dark thoughts and memories in the Dream as well, which can be terrifying and corrupting influences on a sylvari.

All sylvari are born with one piece of knowledge, however: the knowledge that the Elder Dragons are awakening and are a threat to all people. For this reason, many sylvari believe that it is the destiny of their race to save Tyria from the dragons, and many leave the Grove after they have emerged to seek out ways to achieve this goal.

When they have learned all that the Tree wished them to know, they are born into the world as fully-formed creatures with adultlike levels of reasoning and intelligence. They do not grow up or show any signs of aging from this point on.

Sylvari retain a link to the Dream after they are born, but the connection is more one-sided, with their own strong memories flowing into the Dream for the next generation.


The time of day, or “cycle”, that a sylvari is born generally correlates to the type of personality that individual will have. Each cycle has its own “Luminary”, a leader from among the first generation of sylvari called the Firstborn, who is responsible for guiding others born within their cycle.

The cycles are:
Dawn – born between midnight and six in the morning. Dawn sylvari are generally gregarious and sociable.
Noon – born between six in the morning and noon. Noon sylvari prefer straightforward action over discussion or thought.
Dusk – born between noon and six in the evening. Dusk sylvari are thinkers, enjoying intellectual pursuits.
Night – born between six in the evening and midnight. Night sylvari are generally very private and reclusive.

A sylvari character will choose their cycle during the in-game character creation process.


Despite being a plant, sylvari do have genders, and there is functional sexual dichotomy. They cannot, however, reproduce, and while they recognize their own gender, there are no gender norms or sexual norms to speak of. They fall in love with inspiring personalities instead of physical traits, and do not generally consider gender at all when seeking companionship or a sexual partner.

All sylvari are born from the same one tree, and as such, do not have a classical family structure. However, sylvari will gravitate towards others and form support networks, mentorships, and surrogate families of their own choosing.

(source Guild wars 2 roleplay wiki)

Your Sylvari Character

When you create your sylvari character, you will choose which time of day you awoke. Sylvari who rise in the Cycle of Dawn tend to be charming and diplomatic. Those of the Cycle of Day are usually bold problem-solvers that meet challenges head-on. The sylvari of the Cycle of Dusk tend to be intelligent and reflective. Those of the Cycle of Night are often secretive loners.
As you advance, you will gain access to a range of potent racial skills that allow you to harness the power of the natural world or call upon the Pale Tree itself for assistance.
Your story begins in the Dream itself, before you awake. If you successfully confront the shadow within the Dream, you will awaken, like all sylvari, in the Caledon Forest, under the Pale Tree. A new world of adventure, beauty, and danger awaits you!


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