Human Lore


Humans look like… well, humans!

The Guild Wars 2 Wiki page has a preview of visual details to give you an idea of what the human options will look like.

Family History:

Kryta may be the only human nation left/accessible, but much of its now-citizens came there as refugees from other places many generations ago. The capital, Divinity’s Reach, still has sections of the city dedicated to its immigrants, such as Rurikton or the Ossan Quarter. Additionally, deep in charr territory, the lone human holdout fortress city of Ebonhawke still stands.

Societal Class

Humanity is a very unequal society, in which an elite few still rule over the masses, and the wealth trickles down disproportionately.

The nobility has favor with important people in the Senate or the Royal Court. Nobles live with luxury and privilege, and have access to the best education. While they have some sort of responsibility to the people in the lower classes, it’s not clear that the average noble is terribly much concerned with all of that, dealing more with their own political posturing than the pleas of the commoners.

The common people are the backbone of humanity, serving as merchants, craftsmen, farmers, and other working-class jobs. They are a practical and sensible group, concerned most about what happens to their friends and neighbors and less about the politics of the world. While they mostly manage to make out a livable existance for themselves, they constantly worry about the dangers of centaurs, beasts or other threats. The lack of enough protection from the Seraph or a true justice system means that many live on the edge, one disaster away from losing everything.

The street rats live in the alleys, shelters, and jails of the city. They are generally uneducated, owning little, and resort to crime to get what they need. Many lack a real family unit, having lost them to violence or malnourishment years ago. They are equal parts the problem and a symptom of a greater problem, which is the terrible inequality of the human society.

The Gods

Despite all the strife, humanity relies on its faith to get them through the hard times. There are six gods that, in ancient times, once lived on Tyria itself, but have since departed to the Mists, and have now gone completely silent. Still, humans believe that they are blessed by their gifts, both individually and as a people, and it is with that fortitude of certainty that they soldier forward.

The gods are:
Dwayna – goddess of healing, air, and life. Oldest of the gods, and their leader.
Balthazar – god of war, fire, and challenge. Venerated by the Zaishen as one of their patrons.
Melandru – goddess of nature, earth, and growth. Also worshipped by the quaggan.
Grenth – god of darkness, ice, and death. Ruler of the Underworld.
Lyssa – goddess of beauty, water, and illusion. Favored by Vabbians.
Kormir – goddess of order, spirit, and truth. Youngest of the gods, and was human 250 years ago.

(source gw2 roleplay wikki)

Your Human Character

When you create your human character, you will pick your social class. Were you raised in high society? Perhaps you come from a hardworking middle-class background. Or did you grow up poor on the mean streets of Divinity’s Reach? As a human, you’ll also select one of the Six Gods as your patron—from Grenth, the god of death, to Lyssa, the goddess of illusions.
When your human character increases in level, they will gain access to a range of special racial skills granted to them by the Six Gods, such as summoning fearsome Hounds of Balthazar or beseeching the healing goddess Dwayna to restore your health.
Your story begins in Queensdale, a lush district of farmlands and rolling hills that lies in the shadow of the great walls of Divinity’s Reach. Here, you will answer the call to adventure and create a new legend in the history of your proud people.

(taken from GW2 game guide)


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