Asura Lore

History of the Asura:

Prior to their appearance on the surface of Tyria in 1078 AE, the asura were a subterranean race. The awakening of the Great Destroyer, Primordus’ champion, forced the asura to abandon their underground cities. These cities were connected via a central hub of asura gates built immediately above the dormant Great Destroyer and Primordus, as it was a site of extreme magical energy, allowing the hub to operate. The Great Destroyer and its minions captured the hub and, using the asura gates, flooded the asuran cities.

Presently in 1325 AE, the asura have established their home city of Rata Sum on the Tarnished Coast.

Inventing Asura: Ree Soesbee and Jeff Grubb
Guyild Wars 2 role play wiki

Asuran Anatomy and Appearance:

An average adult asura stands at approximately 3-4” tall. The description in Edge of Destiny states that asura “come up to the belt of a norn”. They are about 3.5 heads tall, proportionally comparable to a human toddler. Asura height varies and, in some cases, an asura can almost stand at the height of a small human (demonstrated inSea of Sorrows).

In general, asura are adapted for living underground: large eyes help to account for low-light conditions and they possess non-retractable (‘digging’) claws on their hands and feet. They have six toes and eight fingers. Although the dentition of asuras resembles those of carnivores, they are actually omnivores. Their teeth are adapted for catching prey and breaking apart the stone-like fungus that grows in the depths of Tyria. They have a keen sense of smell, a fact often referenced in Guild Wars 1. An asura’s hearing also far surpasses that of humans.

Asuran locomotion (particularly walking) differs from that of humans, in part due to proportions (the head is usually as wide as the shoulders and hips). Movement is more lumbar and flat-footed, resulting in a waddle-like gait. They typically live 5% – 10% longer than humans, with Ree Soesbee stating that “about 120 years” is an exceptional lifespan for an asura.

In The Mind of Genius (Interview)
Guild Wars 2 General Development Interview
Guild Wars 2 role play wiki

Your Asura Character

The most important decision any asura makes is which college to join. The College of Statics produces the builders and architects of the asura, creators of their incredible levitating structures. The College of Dynamics is made up of gizmo-makers with a bold, sometimes dangerously enthusiastic approach to science. The College of Synergetics concerns itself with more theoretical research and its members consider themselves the great thinkers among the asura.
Regardless of which college you choose, as your asura increases in level, they will gain access to a wide range of special skills that utilize the very latest in asuran technology. You’ll wade into the fray using a battlesuit, summon hulking golems to fight at your side, and commit other acts of alchemagical mayhem.
Your story begins in Metrica Province, a reclaimed jungle area filled with labs and rival krewes not far from Rata Sum. Here, you’ll find the first of many tests of your ambition and ingenuity. Will you seize the opportunity and invent a better future for the asura—and all Tyria?

(taken from GW2 game guide)


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