Charr Lore


Charr are large, hulking creatures with a feline appearance. Fur covers their entire body and their natural coloration/patterns seem to mimic those of the great cats. They have a mane that runs down the back of their necks. Other similarities include an elongated muzzle, catlike eyes, and claws on their paws. Significant differences between charr and the great cats is that charr have two pairs of ears and two pairs of horns.

There is very little differentiation between males and females. Males tend to be slightly bulkier with a thinner tail, while females are slightly sleeker with a fluffier tail, but that is the end of the appreciable differences from a casual glance. They do not wear differentiated clothing or armor.

Youth and Family:

Young charr grow up separately from their mother and father (in charr terms, a “sire” is the father; there is no canon name for the mother, but “dam” is sometimes used in RP). The responsibility of raising the cub falls to the youth training unit called a fahrar, and the fahrar’s adult leader, the primus. A young charr will be placed at the fahrar by their parents sometime soon after they are weaned.

While many charr do show an interest in their offspring and retain a sense of pride over their accomplishments, they traditionally do not have much influence over the cub’s growth or development. The fahrar, and later the warband, is therefore the dominant familial relationship in a charr’s life.


Charr society is the charr military, and success and failure rests on the ability to fight well and work alongside one’s warband. Your character’s relationship – or lack thereof – with their warband is likely to be a defining feature of their place in the world, and it will affect how other charr view you.

A charr’s first warband is often formed from the members of one’s fahrar, though a charr may find themselves coming to another warband through re-assignment if their skills are needed elsewhere or if the majority of the original warband is killed in action.

The warband generally determines a charr’s name as well. The first name is given by a charr’s parents, but the last name is an indicator of warband. For example, members of the “Brutal” warband would all have names with “brutal” in them, such as “Brutalstrike”, “Brutalblow”, “Brutalfire”, etc.

Charr may not necessarily always be working with their warband. A charr can operate alone when on extended leave or a special mission. It is expected that they will return immediately if called upon, or at the completion of their mission, however.

A gladium is a charr without a warband, having deliberately left their own or after having declined to join a new one after their own has been destroyed. Gladiums are without rank or a place in charr society, and are often distrusted by others, as they are seen as abandoning their duty. They are, however, usually begrudgingly tolerated if they are not causing trouble.

There are four legions:

Iron Legion, the developers of mechanical charr warfare. The Black Citadel is the Iron Legion capital, and the de-facto capital of the charr territories in general.
Blood Legion, the ground-pounding shock troops that prefer face-to-face combat.
Ash Legion, the secretive spies and intelligence agents of the military.
Flame Legion, led by outcast shamans that specialize in magic, zealously believe in gods, and subjugate their females. In the years since this legion once led the charr, they have become bitter and are the enemy of the other charr legions.

Cultural Considerations

Due to their troubled history with the Flame Legion, members of the Iron, Blood, and Ash legions are largely atheists, believing that there are no real gods and the ones that the other races believe exist are not worthy of veneration.

The charr are carnivores. They do grow grain, but they do so only to feed their cattle. They hold meat festivals for fun.

Due to the military life, charr generally have very informal relationships with their sexual partners, and generally do not mate for life, though there are occasional exceptions.

There are no “civilian” charr. A charr that is too young, too old, too incompetent, or too infirm to carry a weapon and fight will be given other tasks suited to their abilities, and are still considered to be soldiers in good standing with their legion.

Iron, Blood, and Ash Legion females are considered completely equal to their male counterparts; their society cast off sexism at the same time that they cast off the Flame Legion’s rule.

(source Guild Wars 2 role play wiki)

Your Charr Character

When you create your charr character, you will become a member of one of the High Legions. Enlist in the Iron Legion, manufacturers of war machines and builders of the Black Citadel; join the shadowy ranks of the Ash Legion, practitioners of espionage and subterfuge; or become a soldier in the Blood Legion, lords of the battlefield’s front line. As your character increases in level, they will gain access to unique charr weaponry and the ability to call upon the power of their legion to crush their foes.
Your charr’s adventure begins in the rugged Plains of Ashford near the Black Citadel, stronghold of the Iron Legion. Here you begin the march toward your destiny, and woe betide those foolish enough to stand in your way!

(taken from Guild wars 2 game guide)


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