This Blog

On this blog you will read my emotions and thoughts around gw2 and my journey through and beyond Tyria - The things I do, the characters I play, the people I do them with, and finally links to guides and bloggers that helped me in my travels. I am far from a professional Blogger so … Continue reading This Blog


GW2 memorabilia – my newest addition

Over the years I have been collecting GW2 merchandise.  Mainly because I’m a nerd, but another reason is I came to the franchise late. I saw an advert for GW1 Factions all those years back, but never committed to purchasing it and boy, did I regret that! I am gutted that I missed GW1 in … Continue reading GW2 memorabilia – my newest addition

Wooden Potatoes video competition

For those that are not aware WP has been running a competition for several weeks. Please check out his site - I most likely would have entered a video of some sort regardless of the prize funds as Guild Wars 2 is my passion and I love the passion Wooden Potatoes has for the … Continue reading Wooden Potatoes video competition