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On this blog you will read my emotions and thoughts around gw2 and my journey through and beyond Tyria – The things I do, the characters I play, the people I do them with, and finally links to guides and bloggers that helped me in my travels. I am far from a professional Blogger so you will find spelling errors and Grammar mistake. I apologise in advance for that!

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DPS Meters and Current Events!

I woke up this morning to find that Bhagawan, who is the owner of BGDM got banned from Guildwars2 for developing software that was continuously breaching ANet’s ToS.

This actually isn’t what drove me to right this blog post. I took a little back step from raiding recently as I wanted to concentrate of other things in game. I wanted to complete all the HoT collections I had left unfinished and mess around with guildies with guild events etc. which means I am a little rusty.

I am nearly done now with my collections, so last night I stepped into a spare space with my old raid team to do wing 1 and 2. Now normally I enjoy raids, but I left the evening raids feeling really crap and deflated.

I got so hung up on checking my DPS on arc to make sure I was doing ok that I wasn’t actually concentrating on the raid. This meant I wasn’t working with the mechanics and I was making really stupid errors and obviously one of the by-products is bad DPS. 

I’ve killed those bosses millions of time before and most certainly shouldn’t have been making errors where I did. Unfortunately due to my own issues when I logged off last night I found it hard to settle and my performance kept running through my mind – so when I woke up this morning I decided that I will switch it off later when I’m home from work! Afterall we all play the game to have fun. 🙂

I understand raiding is the end game for a lot of people and some raid all week, but in my world there is so much more. I spend more of my time doing fractals and tagging along with guildies in what they are doing. I.e. silverwastes or HoT map events, I even dip into WvW. I only raid a few hours a week, if I raid that week, so I have now decided in terms of DPS to be in favour of the attitude “ignorance is bliss”.

I am more than aware I am just an average player and my DPS is ok, not great but ok, so why put myself through it when I would do far better concentrating on the fight, working with the mechanics and enjoying my raid time, when I raid.


So…… I am at work on a coffee break and browse Reddit. Then I see a farewell post and was about to skip passed it as I often do, but I noticed the number of comments and up votes so obviously then I know this is one of importance.

I am aware of BGDM., I personally don’t use it as it has always been a bit “iffy” in terms of ToS and I’m glad I didn’t.

According to Chris Cleary @ ANet, it’s been noncompliant for some time and even has legal consequences if it is continued to be developed in this way. From what I have read Anet have been trying to work with him before the ban.

I haven’t read the whole Reddit post, but Chris Cleary has made an effort to post on it and it appears BGDM will be dead on next patch and its made me not want to use a DPs meter even more. I have put in over 7k hours into GW2 and I don’t want a ban. 😦

Comment from discussion Farewell GW2 people!.


GW2 PoF BETA weekend 11.08.17 (SPOILERS)

Overall, I enjoyed the few hours I had there. Wasn’t much to do once you did a few events, did the race and explored every nook and cranny I could. I swam in the sea, climbed pyramids, killed a legendary giant fruit and died many times!

Here is my album of where I ran around. (Warning over 100 Pics)

Before I left the main town, Crystal Oasis I noticed there was a new gambling vendor. They sold the usual tiered purchases and had the usual rewards of ecto and 100 gold vendor items.

GamblingGambling 3

You can get a Supreme Rune of Holding as a lucky drop, so I expect we can increase our bag sizes!!


I then went off to explore on my new mount!, I quite like how fluid the mounting is, with one click of a button you were on your mount and ready to go, the raptor has a really nice stop animation and makes it feel realistic there way it slides to a halt. It has a few idle animations, it shakes and nearly shakes you off with it, it pokes its tongue out, sits down and scratches with his back leg, a bit like a dog would lol.


I did the Raptor race, this was fun and you get to see the map as you whizz past.

Raptor Bad points!

  • Jumping on raptor uses endurance. A small tap to space bar should use endurance as it doesn’t use it when we jump around in human form. I personally don’t think this should use endurance. Obviously big leaps should.
  • You can’t strafe left or right when mounted -.-
  • The raptors appear to be really easily stuck on small difference in land height. the amount of times it refused to climb up a tiny step of a few milometers!!

Despite the bad point, I really cannot wait to get to unlock all the other mounts when the expac is released and it was great they are adding them to core Tyria as not only does it advertise the expac to other players, it will make guild Bounties and Treks be really epic lol

I was really impressed with the artwork on the vultures, its just a basic white category animal that has no importance, but I couldn’t help noticing how well it was done!


I didn’t really participate with too many events, but I killed one or two bounties, I did a heart  and joined the odd map events that I passed by.

The most funniest bit in this map is an area with all the gods statue’s all of them appear to be worshiped and have offerings and candles in front of them. All but one, lol, which was Balthazar – there was a basket over his head, which I can only guess the Elonion people put there, and there were no offerings :(. Nice touch ANet!!!!

Hated Baltazaar

I fell in love with Choya, they are so adorable, they are like angry quaggans made of fruit. I can see the community loving these already. there was a big legendary one as part of an event, he was annoying he rolled around too much, but there are normal ones running around in Blue, Pink and Green coloring’s and I also saw some babies!!!

Alive ChoyaDead ChoyaDead Choya 2Legendary Choya

I am hoping they make towns and other densly populated areas non mountable, as I think places like Lions Arch etc will be a nightmare. It looks like they may have a plan for it as I noticed the below sign and debuff when entering buildings.

No mountingRule Breaker

Another good thing I discovered was one of the Mastery points, Pot of Soup, wasn’t your normal commune with option. You was greeted by e Chef that wanted you to be his Sous Chef, it took me 4 to 5 goes to get familiar with where all the ingredients were, but I had great fun running around throwing them at him until I eventually completed it.

I don’t think I will be participating in next weeks BETA as i think the Elite specs are only available in Pvp and WvW, as I don’t play those that often and I don’t think I would benefit, but who knows I might go and take a tiny peek.




Path of fire 22.09.17 GW2 expansion pack 2

OMG the announcement was totally out of this world, it blew my mind!!!! Everything you need to know is on the official expansion pack website, all the classes, mounts and pictures!!!!

Watch it here:

Announcing Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire

Prepurchase Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire

Dulfy has done a very good summary on Reddit!!

  • Expansion will follow from LW3 and lead to LW4.
  • New expansion is all about content.
  • Expansion name is Path of Fire
  • Travel to Crystal Desert. Five new open world zones. They are the largest zones we have revealed and therefore we are releasing the mount system.
  • 250 years have passed since last we visited Crystal Desert in GW1.
  • You will encounter Forged, living armor that only serve Balthazar.
  • You will also encounter Awakened, undead that serve Palawa Joko
  • You will also encounter Braindead that serve Kralkatorrik
  • We are bringing exploration back to the forefront of GW2.
  • Bounties to hunt down dangerous creatures, world bosses, and mount races.
  • New guild hall.
  • Can be bought as a standalone expansion.
  • Preview weekend August 11-13. Open to everyone.
  • Expansion will arrive in less than 2 months. Launch Sept 22.


  • Mounts being introduced for the first time to GW2. Each mount has its own movement ability and can get to places other mounts can’t get to.
  • Mounts are tied to the Mastery system.
  • Each mount has one combat skill to aid players in combat.
  • Raptor is the first mount players have access to and can jump over a long distance.
  • Next mount player can encounter is the Springer, it can jump great heights.
  • Skimmer, can hover in the air and hover over water.
  • Jackal, can blink forward and have more precise movements for jumping puzzles.

Elite Specializations

  • Guardian – Firebrand – burning enemies and conjuring tomes to aid allies. Giving up instant support in favor of casted support. Uses axe.
  • Necro – Scourge – Giving up Death Shroud and give his life force to the earth to protect allies. Uses torch.
  • Thief – Deadeye – Uses rifle to get more ranged. Kind of like a sniper.
  • Mesmer – Mirage – Camouflage into their surroundings and attack you from all sides. New dodge mechanic that allow attacks to pass through them rather than moving.
  • Warrior – Spellbreaker – Wield daggers and able to cut magic off their foes. Can stop skills and cut enemy boons.
  • Ele – Weaver – Able to wield multiple attainments at once. Two fire skills, two water skills and a fifth skill that is a fire and water skill. Uses sword.
  • Ranger – Soulbeast – Dagger. Able to become their pet.
  • Revenant – Renegade – Can summon members of charr warband and summon portals behind enemy
  • Engineer – Holosmith – Bending light to become your weapon. Has a heat mode where if they stay too much in that mode that explode.

One Path Ends

“Taimi’s machine returned Jormag and Primordus to a dormant state, but Balthazar vanished in the aftermath. His assault on the Elder Dragons could spell doom for Tyria, making it crucial to find him before he strikes again. Where do you begin the hunt for a rogue god?”

Tuesday 25th July has been and gone and I would imagine its quite common knowledge now that Livia is back. Livia is my favorite GW1 hero and I took her everywhere with me. She used to be my minion master.

I personally don’t feel she was introduced well, she just popped up “oh, Hi! I am Livia” people that have not played GW1 or read/watched lore wouldn’t have even raised an eyebrow.

So anyways, I thought the story was ok, I still think there is way too little story and too much open world hearts, but I had fun. I did it with my two guild leaders and found it hilarious when one of them was being abused by the shining blade

The start of the story is to grab Lazarus’s aspect in the White Mantle stronghold. There is a fun little puzzle to do which we accidentally did in a few hits! As story goes, nothing here really excited me.

The next part of the story was to meet at the Shining Blade Headquarters to take an oath and undergo some challenges. I found this instance quite amusing. As it was instance owner based, I had the privilege to be on a balcony overlooking my guild leader, I watched while he got rocks thrown and dumped on him, had to survive waves of mobs and struggled to kill something whilst coping with self-doubt. I didn’t find it as funny when I had to go back and do the achievements though!!

I then found myself boarding a boat to Orr and I landed on Siren’s Landing! This is a really nice map, nicely done ANet.

A lot of the story on this map was going around completing the hearts, this has been a downside to a lot of the living story episodes released with new maps. It’s just time filler for the story so it doesn’t appear too short. But I had fun. You can buy chests for 1 pearl, in return you get a pearl back and some stuff to salvage, there are new mini’s to purchase and lore books to collect.

The map is separated out by the 6 gods:

Melandru, Grenth, Dwayna, Abaddon, Balthazar & Lyssa

– with a heart for each. (not one for Abaddon’s area) once you have cleared all 5 hearts you can enter a room below ground in Abaddon’s area and gamble with a chest for loot. The maximum you can do this is twice per day, the first one is free and the second requires a donation.

Following on from exploring the new map, completing the hearts and dying at the over powered fire damage in Balthazar’s area it was time to enter the last battle to conclude episode 6.

The Lazurus fight is quite frustrating. You have to Cc the Eye of Janthir near an aspect to make it vulnerable to damage and there is a lot of AOE.  Before you reach Lazurus, you will need to pass through a floor puzzle, there are orbs the other side of the room and you need to grab them, bring them back and place them into the pedestals. You will move slower and have decreased endurance regeneration while you are on the heated floor. The pattern changes every time you put in an orb.

Oh by the way “we are going to the desert” yes that’s pretty much how it was announced, lol!

I had to do the jumping puzzle twice as the first time I did it I didn’t have the legendary trinket collection open, but I didn’t find this JP too difficult to do,  lots of lore books, I have collected them, all and sat on a boat to read, I will upload the YouTube Videos in the next few days.

There are loads of achievements to be had here, make sure you check Dulfy for guides. **

** other contributors available

Other additions

Legendary Trinkets – you need all of the 4 sentient items, merge them in the MF. Once you have unlocked the collection there’s a lot of grind. 

New mastery points including  9 New Core tyria MP, on achievment panel and a new fractal. I have only done a level 25 so far, it’s seems really difficult. 

 Fan site blogs.

Message from the game director MO

Hi, all,

The release of “One Path Ends” concludes a full year of live updates and a full season of Living World. As we wrap up the season, I want to take a moment to celebrate the journey we’ve been on together this year.

Guild Wars 2‘s content model is all about exciting events happening in the world, so from the beginning we wanted our live updates to mirror that. But how? In Season 1, we went for the literal version, constantly shipping changes to the existing world. We did it at a breakneck pace, and we developed the tech and processes required to do so, which have benefited us ever since. But we regretted that frequency sometimes won over quality, that it sometimes felt like a race for players to keep up, and that constantly changing the existing world meant that old content couldn’t be replayed. Since then, we restructured Living World to keep the aspects we loved but without those downsides.

I think with Season 3 we’ve hit a really good balance. We’re shipping meatier episodes, with deeper stories and new open-world zones to explore. The new zones are each a slice in time, so we get to put world-changing events in the open world, without having to destroy old content to release new content in its place. Finally, we’ve used the 2-to-3-month release cadence to elevate the quality of everything we do. I think and hope that this year’s releases have been the best work we’ve ever done.

This year we also took a different approach with PvP and WvW releases. In PvE, we make fresh new content with the goal of surprising and delighting you with our work, but in competitive modes, the community owns the game modes and chooses what we work on, and we definitely shouldn’t be surprising you with where we take those game modes. Instead our goal this year was to develop more incrementally, test with the community on the live side, and take feedback every step of the way.

At the start of this season, I said to the community that I wanted to delight you with what we’d ship, not with what we’d promise. It’s a game, after all, and I think the most memorable moments for a game should be moments of playing the game—not moments of reading about it. There’s also a deeper connection to how we develop. We’ve always been good at shipping things, but with our renewed focus on quality above everything, we’ve had to get better at not shipping things. We now develop new content and features with a default assumption that they won’t ship, and then if they turn out great, we proactively decide to ship them.

Sometimes in the past, we’ve had to put a lot of effort into paying off old promises, which is important but can mean looking backward instead of looking forward. But I think we’re finishing this year in a good position. We have a clear path forward. And we’re building on a solid foundation, with a game that doesn’t need reinvention but mostly needs a steady stream of great content, so we can focus on delivering great content.

As Game Director, it’s been my job to represent you—our players—making sure we put you in the center of every decision we make, and making sure we reinvent ourselves when we need to for your benefit, or push ourselves further when we need to. When you think about it that way, it’s really not much different from the job of a studio head. I’ve loved acting as your GD, and I’m not going anywhere, but I know that eventually my other responsibilities will require more of my time, so I’m going to introduce you to someone else that I know will put players first: Mike Zadorojny, also known as Z, the lead designer of the second expansion. You’ll see a lot of him in the lead-up to the expansion release, and then he’ll join the Live side too, and I expect he’ll eventually take these reins. Z has been working on Guild Wars® for over a decade and on Guild Wars 2 since the beginning, and he loves the game as much as anyone in the world. He’ll do you proud.

And now, here we are at the start of a crazy week, shipping the season finale and leading into the announcement of the new expansion. You know our goal has been to do it all with no breaks in content delivery. It’s an ambitious goal we set for ourselves at the start of this season and at the start of expansion development. It requires us not only to essentially ship two products at the same time, but also to time them perfectly, so the story of one flows right into the setup of the next. Honestly, it’s crazy. But we have great, experienced teams working on both Live content and the second expansion, and I think we’re about to pull it off.

So wish us luck, enjoy the season finale, and I’ll see you again next week for the big unveiling! Mo

ANet Dev leak?

Ok, we all know about the leaks that have been happening over the past several months. Some got me excited and some I thought were “too Leaky”

I see nothing wrong in a little bit of info being leaked to add power to the hype train, some of those leaks came in at the right time as the train nearly de-railed.

Normally Anet dev’s are either silent to Reddit leaks or laugh at them, but you rarely if not ever get a leak directly from a Dev.

Is the below picture as big “ooopsie” moment, an intended leak to add furl to the train or just a really big misunderstanding and coincidence?

Only time will tell….

The below was posted to Reddit a few weeks ago and was promptly removed.

That Shaman seems to have the answer for is though.

Link to reddit post